Testimonials of Students

Testimonials of Students

F .Mary :

I am extremely fortunate to be trained at Harvest under their exhaustive practical Training modules for i was directly placed at Cbay Systems the Global leader in Medical Transcription right after completing my Certificate in Transcription. MT Training from Harvest has been a great career move for me I have learnt that it takes a dream, desire and determination to make a career in medical transcription .Today i consider myself a health professional and work as a Sr.Quality Analyst for a leading back office in Bangalore sending my work directly to clients in the US., I am indebted to Harvest for imparting me the knowledge of Transcription.

R Raghavendra :

I am all praise for Sonia Madame of Harvest as trainer she has taught us to be patient and expect the best from our career. The excellent training methodology in Medical Transcription at Harvest enabled me to immediately get a Job offer at Spheris the leading MTSO in Bangalore and i began to grow in my career since their was a huge demand for trained transcriptionist who have a passion to excel in their work. i am earning more than i could from any traditional job and would encourage others to take up this new age career .

Prathap CK :

After completing my medical transcription training at Harvest I was never short of a Job and worked with several organizations with precision in my skill .The opportunities has been more than expected and in the last 5 years I quickly came up the learning curve of becoming a Quality Analyst from being a Medical Transcriptionist .i have been so impressed with Harvest as a company and the promoters that I have now enrolled my wife to take up the training program and now both of us work and earn together in this extremely recession proof industry . i am grateful to Harvest for helping be what i am today.

Manju C :

Being a B.com graduates while job hunting i had never imagined that getting trained at Harvest in medical transcription would change my perspective to transcription career. My motivation was Sonia mam who encouraged me to complete the course when i dropped out midway. Today I am so grateful for making a choice of completing my training since I am earning more than a fresh CA or a senior accountant. My conviction to grow and excel in whatever I do made me the best performer of the month and in a short span of just eighteen months i have become a envied Quality Analyst sending my work directly to the clients in USA. I am so proud of what I do that I now call myself a professional in healthcare and my incomes have grown considerably.

Sadiq P :

After completing my MT Training from Harvest I worked with several organization and was able to excel in my career .i have been working now for over 7 years in the industry and now i am a Quality Analyst handling a team with responsibility of TAT and achieving targets in the healthcare Industry . I have found that working for night shift has been my best experience and it give’s me high concentration on my work delivering and making more money , we earn the clients respect since we work on ER/ OP reports which are usually stat files. The most satisfying experiencing in this industry is achieving ones target and delivering quality work. I am not just grateful to Harvest but found Sonia Mam is one of the best trainers this industry could have.

Srinivas S :

As a sociology graduate from the University of Utah USA and being involved in the several NGOs and social work i find Medical Transcription a great career to be involved with. i serve as a healthcare professional now and was among the first batch of Health scribe some nine years back . i had left the industry only to come back and get trained at Harvest on a Advanced course which updated me with the latest technology and change in the industry. I am now back in the industry and working as a Independent MT at Harvests QA center i am extremely passionate about learning new words and technology in the healthcare industry. Having studied and lived in America i feel i am now working in America by getting back into this industry.