Online MT Training

Medical Terminology

Harvest offer’s the AAMT model course curriculum through a Basic Medical Transcription Certificate Program in India –Bangalore under the trade mark of HARVEST which caters to all major MTSO’s.

Language of Medicine (Theory)

Digestive System, Additional Suffixes & Digestive system terminology, Urinary System, Female Reproductive System, Male reproductive system, Nervous System, Cardiovascular System, Blood System, Lymphatic and Immune System, Muscular & skeletal system, skin, Sense organs ,The eye and the Ear, Endocrine System Cancer Medicine (Oncology) Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy, Pharmacology Psychiatry.

Practical Training on The Computers

The Modules cover subjects On Pharmacology, Pathology, Dermatology, Urology, Gastroenterology ,Orthopedics, Cardiology, Pulmonary ,Endocrinology ,Obst & Gynecology, Ophthalmology Neurology.

Medical Transcription Essentials

The subject covers Introduction to MT ,work types, Referencing-Pharmacology-AAMT book of style-Dorland's Medical Dictionary, Physical Examinations, Laboratory Information , Common disorders and Therapeutic category Formatting.


American English & Grammar


The subjects covers the following areas Geography (Map of USA ,Money, Measurement & Education ,Seasons, Holiday and Festivals, Words commonly confused, Ethnic Groups, Nationality and Languages, Relationships, Babies and Children, Religions, Professions, Behavioral Clothing and Body, Sports, Traveling, Games, Music, The Home, Animals, The Automobiles, Food habits, Chain Stores, Brand Names ,Assistance, Crime, Drinking and Drugs.

Grammar and Usage of English

The Subjects covers the Following Parts of Speech, Subject Verb and Object, Sentence Structure Subject verb agreement ,Pronoun agreement Punctuations (all).


The subject covers Introductions, Consonants, Tables, Vowels, Consonants rules, Dip thongs, Consonants rules for General Indian English/General American English, Vowel Rules GIE/GAE.