Our History

Our History


Harvest has been a pioneer in medical transcription education since 2000 and has an impeccable reputation of being a premier learning school that also has the distinction of being one of the first and finest transcription training institutions in Bangalore -India. Its reputation with thousands of graduates who are now senior proofer, editor’s and management personals among the leading MTSOs in India is growing everyday as more and more candidates get trained and employed in the industry . Harvest has achieved the threshold of bridging the gap between trained transcriptionist and skilled manpower by way of quality training methods which build up the productivity of a person from the first month of employment.

The Founder of Harvest Mr Prem Sarkar is the recipient of Pride of India Award, Rajiv Gandhi Shiromoni Award and Rashtrya Rattan Award for his Individual performance and distinguished service to the nation from the Global Economic Council.

Harvest offers courses in Basic and advance medical transcription, medical billing and coding, In today’s world of aggressive competition, gaining efficiency and staying profitable have become indelible corporate watch words. Several international medical transcription firms and large hospital networks are increasingly turning to off-shoring their transcription, billing and coding work so as to be able to focus on their core functions while capitalizing on the economies of scale offered by outsourcing.

Harvest through its Online Transcription training courses attempts to overcome this discommodity by bringing to the Indian allied health fraternity a vigorously structured, time-tested curriculum that would provide the much needed knowledge and training in India as per US standards.

Harvest draws from the expertise of the people who have been in the training space and from the practical difficulties and challenges faced by them in the area such as,
(1) Recruitment of competent resources
(2) Finding quality resources with adequate exposure and bandwidth to the industry
(3) The ability to have ramp up resolutions of large scale within short turnaround times.
Since there are no official body or U.S certified standards in MT training available in the country of India a Harvest Certification has been able to create a industry recognized standard of training for the aspiring career seekers. Being trained and certified by Harvest is a benchmark for fresher’s to enter into the ever growing Medical Transcription industry.

Purpose of Online Training :

Harvest plans to launch their Online Training Course in association with a Internationally recognized Organization soon, the purpose of creating a Medical Transcription online training program which is Industry recognized is to provide adequately approved programs of education and training in the MT industry to the Indian Allied Health fraternity delivered through effectively validated Industry recognized course content. The purpose of explicating the Online training program is to ensure that high standards of education and training are optimized and provided to the next generation of people who are seeking new job opportunities in a fast changing scenario of BPO services related to Medical Transcription field. The students that enrol in the courses are exposed to quality education equivalent to that received by students directly enrolling with Harvest at their Bangalore Centres.

The fundamental purpose of using a online business model is to make available quality educational and Certification programs of study to students that would otherwise not be exposed to such opportunities. In today’s highly competitive marketplace U.S companies are tenaciously pursuing outsourcing as a key element to success in indicting their overall corporate strategy. Outsourcing has emerged as a corporate must-do management practice to excel globally.