Important FAQ's

General FAQ

The simplest definition of Transcription is conversion of voice to electronic text form. Medical Transcription is an IT enabled service that requires specialized skills in utilizing Information technology in converting the voice data of the doctors who are in the US &UK consisting of patient history and medical advises into electronic documents. This largely done due to Insurance being mandatory in these countries and a requirement of 100% documents of prescriptions.

A graduate in any discipline, who has a very strong command over English language and has a strong determination to excel and undergoes a minimum of six months of training in MT, can become a Medical Transcriptionist. A person with a dream, desire and determination the 3 D Factor of pursuing a career.

Proficiency in English Good listening, writing and comprehension skills An eye for details, Typing and basic knowledge in Computers would be an added advantage.

In India, Medical Transcription business is over 12 years and has consistently matured into a organized sector with large MNC and midsize companies in the field. The origin of MT is USA where it is a well established industry which is 30 years old. Some say MT is for Life .

The duration as given by various training institutes is 4/6 months as in house training program, however in a online course you are free to complete quicker or in 9 months period depending on your flexibility of time.

The training includes a balanced mix of classroom and lab practice. The main subjects in which an individual is trained are – Medicine, English, Computers, Typing and Medical Transcription. Besides all these a lot of inputs are given on Americanisms and Listening Skills.

No, any post- graduate /graduate belonging to any faculties is eligible. Most of the training institutes have a screening test to take candidates into training.

Normally, it is a part time training as it demands 4–6 hours of study. There could be some companies, which offer full-time courses, but in this case the training period would be less than six months.

No, a person needs to go through the entire training as stipulated as this is a professional course. The training is different from all other programs as the accuracy rate expected from a Medical Transcriptionist is 98.5% and a turnaround time of 12 hours. There are no concessions to this stipulation. Though a person may have related experience and qualification like medicine etc., one has to go through the complete training module to become a medical transcriptionist.

After the training one could start earning anything between Rs.7000 to Rs.30,000 per month as per the Indian markets however in the US the incomes could range from $ USD 1500 to 3000 per month this is an incentive oriented job, for a good performer, the sky is the limit.

This depends on the company you are working for. There are a number of companies which work in single / multiple shifts.

Any MT who is able to transcribe with a consistent accuracy of minimum 95 % and a good speed has a good future in MT.

Yes, if you are a Certified Medical Transcriptionist, you can get a job in the US. This test is conducted by American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT). More information on this can be obtained at www.aamt.org

A study done by NASSCOMM predicts that this industry is here to stay .The future of this industry is directly related to the healthcare of American’s and thus as long as America seek cost reduction in the healthcare industry it will stay .In layman’s word its “Transcription is for Life” .

Presently in the US the demand for MT is increasing at the rate of 20%. It does offer both professional and monetary growth to an MT. A trained medical transcriptionist has various options depending on the performance, like, JMT, Sr.MT, IMTs, Proofer’s, Editor’s, Team Leaders, Group Leaders, Account Managers, and Trainers.

No, it is certainly not a threat as it cannot do all that an MT can. There are a lot of limitations in it. Though it has been in the market for quiet some time, it has never been found to be of major help in Medical Transcription. It may be used by MT companies as an additional tool for increasing productivity of MTs.

Yes, it is possible. A number of offers are available on the internet for home transcription. With adequate training in MT and technical requirements available, one can do home transcription. In India, this trend is catching up now.